A shout out to all the western newspapers of the world, look for the killer with us

A shout out to all the western newspapers of the world, look for the killer with us
A shout out to all the western newspapers of the world, look for the killer with us
Transferred to you by Hamada Juma
The full details of the murder of the young man – Hisham Shaheed
The story began at approximately 7:30 pm on Thursday 4-8
This is the time when all high school students are sitting waiting for their results, and on this day, as I am used to, Muhammad, may God have mercy on him, there will be a family gathering of his sisters and cousins, all of them with their uncle in the El Goun area, Muhammad moves with the brothers of the little Mazen
And his cousin Mohab from Ezbet Al-Jubaili, and they said that they would walk until there, they started to move, and they came up the upper bridge from the sidewalk, and after about 30 meters or less, Mohab says that he heard an Arab voice from afar coming on the bridge and five workers and playing right and left and before he could comprehend anything, I was surprised that Arabic came out In front of them on the sidewalk and hit one of the six who had her husband and a baby girl on his hand (and in a blink of an eye the Arab was continuing on its way on the sidewalk and hit Muhammad on the sidewalk, the Arab after hitting the fence above the sidewalk
I got down again on the road and walked for a little while and hit the divider between the two directions and all the people started running to catch up with Muhammad and the lady who got stuck. At the same moment, the eyewitnesses in the street saw the young murderer running away from the car, he and the girl who was with him after the airbag in the Arab world opened.
The ambulance arrived, but unfortunately, the lady had succeeded in God’s mercy, and Muhammad did not even know how to take himself and died after arriving at the hospital.
At the same time, Muhammad’s father, mother and uncles arrived, and the official procedures from the Security Directorate began to put a guard on the car until the prosecution was examined.
They died as a victim of lack of education and disregard for people’s lives, including young people, unfortunately, elite people in Fayoum and influential people.
Surveillance camera records showed that the killer was walking at a crazy speed, indicating that he was often a drug addict, because no sane person would ever walk that fast on a bridge.
The driver turned himself in, of course, as a scapegoat to remove the case from the son of Doctors Al-Bahwat, but when he learned that the issue involved dead souls, he denied everything and said that they offered him a very large sum of money
But the right of Muhammad Hisham will not be lost, and the woman who stayed behind has 5 children.

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